Writing the book: Build your own PaaS with Docker

So, I’ve written a book. A real book that’s sold on Amazon (amongst other stores). Printed on paper (or as an ebook as well, of course).

It was a lot harder than I thought.
Getting the language right (since I’m not a native english speaker) and getting a good flow within every chapter as well as through the whole book.
Authoring chapters that will give readers insights and knowledge. It’s hard.

It took much longer than I thought. I’d just started working for Neo4j and had 2,5 years old daughter that wanted attention all awake time.
So there were lots of late night writing done. Lots. Days before some deadlines I hardly didn’t sleep at all.

The book is about how you can use Docker to build your own Platform as a Service. Docker is still pretty young and breaking changes come pretty often which had the effect that I had to rewrite parts of the book from time to time to reflect these Docker changes.
And I wrote about Fig and they get acquired by Docker, changing it’s name to Docker Compose so I had to rewrite that part as well. You get the idea.

It’s published by PACKT Publishing, which is a brittish publishing company founded in 2004.

If was a fun and educating experice and I wouldn’t mind writing another book. Not right now, but in the near future.
But I would choose a more stable topic and probably not have such short deadlines (I would write on my terms).

I’m super exited that I’ve written a book and can call myself an author / published writer.
I’m also very self critical and find things I’m not happy with through out the whole book. On the other hand, the book would never have been published if I was to be happy with every sentence in it.

The book is called Build your own PaaS with Docker and can be found on Amazon and in Packts webshop.
Check it out.