Version 4 of Two Factor Auth for Wordpress

In the last few days I’ve released a huge update of Two Factor Auth for Wordpress.

As I write this I managed to release an update so the current version now is 4.0.1.
This is what’s changed:

  1. All keys and panic codes are now encrypted in the database, as they should be.
  1. Panic codes are now based on your key.
  1. Users find their settings in root level of the admin menu.
  1. Only user roles with TFA activated see the admin menu item.
  1. Nicer/cleaner UI for users.
  1. Upgrade script for older installations. Must be executed by admin right after plugin update. Manually.
  1. Refactored all code and made it class based.
  1. Made the button on the login page blue so it’s more clear that it’s a button.

As you can see there’s a lot of security fixes and everyone who updates from an older version needs to initialize some db changes as well (encrypting everything).

The new Two Factor Auth button on the login page

The new button is more visible.

Anything I missed in this update? Download and let me know what you think!

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