Untracked files in newly cloned Git repo?

It has happend a few times for me: I clone a remote Git repository, and when I do git status to see info one or more untracked files are listed.
It’s quite annoying and I could see the pattern that the filenames of these files has UTF-8 / special characters in them (åäö).

What to do to resolve this?

Do this: git config core.precomposeunicode false and they’re tracked.



This option is only used by Mac OS implementation of Git. When core.precomposeunicode=true, 
Git reverts the unicode decomposition of filenames done by Mac OS. 
This is useful when sharing a repository between Mac OS and Linux or Windows. 
(Git for Windows 1.7.10 or higher is needed, or Git under cygwin 1.7). 
When false, file names are handled fully transparent by Git, which is backward compatible with 
older versions of Git.

From http://git-scm.com/docs/git-config