Make:r - How I did a fishing lure / jerk bait

This is going to be a odd post in contrast to all other posts I’ve written. I like to make things, it doesn’t matter if it’s software or hardware. Recently I started to fish again after a few years on hold.

This time I wanted to fish for pike with a method called jerk bait fishing. These baits/lures does not have their own movement pattern like most lures has. These baits you have to jerk to get them moving in a, for the fish, compelling way. So it’s one step back to a more manual way of fishing.

To be able to jerk efficiently you have to have a really stiff and short pole (pun intended) and a non elastic wire.

What’s nice with these baits is that you quite easily can make your own since they don’t have to move by them selves in a specific way.

So, here’s how I made mine!

Draw a shape and saw it from wood. Start to cut the shape you want.


Grind with sand paper to make it smooth.


Drill some holes for the lead to make it hold position in the water and to make it sink slow. Dip it once in epoxy.


Drill a hole for a rattle ball. I used the head of a nail as the ball.


Fill the holes with lead and glue metal plates enclosing the rattle ball.


[video width=”1280” height=”720” mp4=”/post_img/2014/06/IMG_0043.mp4”][/video]

Putty the wholes


Grind the putty to make it smooth


Dip it in epoxy. Dry. Paint. I used spray cans to paint, which I don’t recommend. Use airbrush if you can.





The only thing left is to test it in water and catch some pikes!