Cryptocat - Chat with privacy

Privacy and encryption should not be hard to use in a chat service. There’s a OTR option in Adium where users can start an encrypted chat.

But seriously, have you ever used it? This should be the default option and users who want to chat in the open can request that.

This is where Cryptocat comes in. It’s a chat service (based on XMPP I believe) that has OTR for all conversations, all the time. You don’t even have to option to skip it.

Picka a name and a room to start.

Right now, its a simple group conversations chat (you an chat 1-to-1 as well) and is available as browser plugins and standalone OS X app in the Mac App Store.

I miss two things though.

  1. Password protect rooms. Right now anyone can join any room. You can set up your own servers and have private rooms that way but it’s too complicated for most users.
  1. Tabs for the OS X App. Right now it’s a window for every conversation. It gets messy after a while.

Generating secret keys.

Conversations in the lobby.

Cryptocat does not make you anonymous. It makes sure no one can see your messages. If you want to be anonymous, just click the “Enable Tor” in the Cryptocat menu.

I really like their design language, I mean check out their icon! Cool stuff.