Change Screen Shot Filename, Type and Target Dir

In OS X, you can change the default filename, filetype and location where the file ends up, with some Terminal magic.

To change the prefix (the default varies by language, in US it’s “Screen Shot”) open Terminal and type this:

defaults write name "MacBook-Pro-SS"

To change the filetype of the screen shot. (png, pdf, tiff, gif, and jpg are available)
png is the default.

defaults write type pdf

To change the save location to your homedir/ScreenShots/, you can type this

defaults write location ~/ScreenShots/

When you’re done, type this to activate your new settings:

killall SystemUIServer

Confirm by taking a screen shot. Either by cmd+shift+3 (the whole screen), cmd+shift+4 (to draw an area to capture), or cmd+shift+4 and then the spacebar (for a complete window).