Book - Nginx Module Extension

I’ve read another Nginx book (see my last review here) and this one is all about Nginx’s modular way and what modules are available. It’s called Nginx Module Extension


It starts off with a basic walkthrough on how Nginx is built philosophically with its modularity and takes you through the config of the main module. Pretty basic stuff if you’ve used Nginx before.

Then it describes the config of the http and server module with all its settings. This is pretty good stuff but again, pretty basic. proxy_pass, rewrite, fastcgi_pass, and gzip are settings you’ll learn more of here.

Next it takes on third party module installation and lists and takes you through a few of them. This is actually stuff I’ve never looked at before. A MySQL module for Nginx? You bet! That means Nginx actually can look up users directly in the database without taking the route through PHP or something like that.

New stuff to me!

The last chapter is about creating your own Nginx module. Pretty advanced if you’re not familiar with programming in C.

To sum this book up, it starts off with really basic stuff and has a steep knowledge curve and finishes off with writing your own module in C. It’s a good book, I enjoyed the chapter on third party modules the most.

If you’re interested, you can get it here >>