Angular - Bootstrap - Jade - Stylus - CoffeeScript boilerplate webapp with Yeoman

Sorry about all the buzzwords in the title but it really describes what this note-to-self post is about.

How to create a boilerplate web app using AngularJS as framework, Bootstrap as HTML/CSS base, Jade as HTML replacement, Stylus as CSS replacement, and CoffeeScript as a Javascript replacement/generator/transpiler. All using Grunt as the glue that keeps everything together.

Npm and Bower makes sure all dependencies are in place. And Karma for the testing.

To create the scaffolding I use a tool named Yeoman that has all these generators that installs all tolls you need, configures Grunt, npm and Bower and generates a basic app file structure so you can jump straight into the code.

Lots of tools and replacements/generators/transpiler languages and there certainly are better or faster ones out there, but these makes me comfortable and I can get to work in 2 min.

Anyway, this is how I do it:

npm install --global yo bower grunt-cli
npm install --global generator-angular-jade-stylus

mkdir newapp && cd $_
yo angular-jade-stylus --coffee --jade --stylus newapp

Run npm cache clean and repeat the last line if it fails.

Answer yes to all questions.

Run grunt serve and point your browser to localhost:9000 unless it does so for you.

Bam, done.

Thank you Yeoman.